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Fiona The Fearless Fox

Children's Book by Landry Champlin
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Join Fiona the Fearless Fox on her adventure empowering her forest friends to step outside of their comfort zones, achieve their dreams, and embark on a journey characterized by fearlessness! Order your copy today on: Amazon, Barnes and NobleBooks-A-Million, Google Books, and more! You can order your digital copy by visiting Kobo or Apple Books! 

*All proceeds will benefit The Live Fearless Foundation

What does Fiona Teach?

Fiona the Fearless Fox was created with a single mission: to inspire students to live fearlessly in all they do. She fiercely demonstrates the importance that confidence holds in overcoming fear, taking risks, and empowering  friends to chase their dreams! Additionally, Fiona the Fearless Fox introduces opportunities to learn crucial sight-words, cultivate comprehension/reading skills, and more. To learn more, click HERE to download teacher resources!

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