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Dear 2021,

To say the last 12 months have been soul altering would be a vast understatement. As I look back on the person I was on January 1, 2020, I am astounded at just how much this year empowered me to adapt, overcome, and succeed in the face of adversity...or in this case a global pandemic! Before I jump into the last post of 2020, I first want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone that has so graciously poured into me not only as Miss Plano, but as a human being. This experience and opportunity would not be nearly as life changing if it was not for your endless support-I am truly grateful for you.

When I first began writing this blog post, I originally titled it "Dear 2020." However, upon further thought, I saw it more appropriate to look forward into a year that I am certain will bring about opportunity, growth, and joy if we allow it. The reality is, the strike of midnight ending the "cursed" 2020 does not erase the hardship and tragedy our globe has, and is continuing to face. The year 2021 alone does not dismiss us from our responsibility to persevere and advocate for safety, health, social justice, and so much more. 2021 is simply a reinforcement to continue what we as human race already know: life is unpredictable and it is our responsibility to find the good, work for change, and value perseverance and kindness above all else.

In 2020, my word for the year was FEARLESS...I know, no shock there. This was the first calendar year that I chose to associate one word to every season, month, week, day, and moment. I believe that by defining each year with a word clearly stating your intention, you are more likely to walk in your purpose and stay present in every experience. That being said, I chose to live this year more fearlessly than I have any other and man, oh man have I gotten to accomplish, overcome, and experience so much. I had no idea how much this word, which I have built my brand and message around, would impact not only me but so many lives. 2020 allowed me, for the first time, to tap into what it means to truly be fearless.

Moving into this new season, I am excited to share my word of the year: transcend.

Transcend (verb): to rise above or go beyond the limits of, to triumph over the negative or restrictive aspects of : OVERCOME

As Miss Plano, I named my social impact initiative, "Live Fearless: Defining Life Without Limits" because I believe the two go hand in hand. We may only overcome by living fearlessly and we must live fearlessly to rise above without limits. Transcend is a verb, allowing me to root myself and beliefs in an action everyday. Transcend allows me the opportunity to build upon what I already know from living fearlessly and dive further into what life without limits entails.

Despite knowing that 2021 will surely bring about so many wonderful moments, it will, just like any year, pose challenges. In the moments of this next 365 where motivation may leave and only hard fought discipline may remain, I can lean on the word "transcend" as encouragement to overcome and thrive without limitations.

That being said, I am challenging you to lean even further into your fearless this year and choose a word to best help you walk in your intention. I know what you may be thinking, "Landry...what does this mean? How do I best accomplish this?" Well, ask yourself: "What is missing from my life? What have I learned in the last year? What do I want to achieve in the new year?"

I believe the answers to these questions will reveal your purpose for 2021 and the word to guide you in that calling. If you need extra guidance, I have attached a graphic with many possible words for the new year. Choose a word. Fearlessly embody its characteristics. Choose to make 2021 that year that all of your dreams come true.

I wish you nothing but happiness, fulfillment, success, and growth in this new season. I cannot wait to continue sharing my journey in my dream of becoming the next Miss Texas, and ultimately the next Miss America with all of you. Here's to a fresh start and very happy new year!


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