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Lights, Camera, Purpose!

“Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.” – Rumi

I have always been a singer. Before I could speak, I was performing on my living room sofa, giving exclusive live renditions of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" to anyone that would listen! My parents invested heavily in my exposure in the arts and took every opportunity to take me to concerts, musicals, and other shows! My longtime love of music blossomed into a

childhood career performing on stages across the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Needless to say, I have always been drawn to the stage. During high school, my passion of artistry continued to carry over into musical theatre. I participated in 6 productions at my public school and fell in love with the process of creating live art! During the winter of my junior year, I had the opportunity to travel to New York City for the first time and witness my first Broadway Show, Dear Evan Hansen. That day changed my life.

For those that may not know, Dear Evan Hansen is a beautiful production surrounding themes of mental health, belonging, and teenage suicide. I had listened to the show's cast recording for a year (yes, seriously a year) in preparation for the day I would finally take my seat at the Music Box Theatre in NYC. It was well worth the wait.

I vividly remember looking across the theatre at the thousands of audience members, each of their faces stained with tears. I was moved. I was inspired by the power that live theatre had over a room of total strangers, who were now forever connected because of a deep shared experience! This unmatched connection is created in the Music Box Theater eight times a week. WOW. That night, I knew I had found my life's purpose: I was meant to change lives with music and theatre.

Since that pivotal experience, I have embarked on a journey towards my dreams. Today, I am pursuing my Bachelor of Music with an emphasis in Music Theatre at Oklahoma City University, one of the nation's best music schools! Each day, I have the freedom to create and connect people with the power of theatre. It is beyond incredible.

Define Your Purpose

While this story may seem like an excuse to completely "geek out" over my theatre obsession, this post has a purpose. YOU HAVE A PURPOSE. I believe every human being was designed to live a full life defined by passion and meaning. Regardless of what this means for you, understand this: efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.

I speak a lot on the importance fearlessness serves in achieving your dreams. While this is true, being brave is not useful tool if you're not open to being affected by your surroundings. Even during a global pandemic, make yourself available to see how the world is shaping you. Maybe you feel called to try a new hobby? Maybe you're growing deeper in your faith? Regardless of what this season of life brings, recognize how it is leading you to open doors of opportunity.

I shared my story of finding purpose in the arts to inspire you to lean into your calling. If you've struggled to find your sense of self, open your heart to the passions that call you. Walk fearlessly into experiences that impact you, just as I did with theatre. Once you discover your passions, your purpose will be revealed.

Today's Challenge

I encourage you to recognize the ways in which you are being lead to your purpose. Try this!

  • Write down 3 things that have inspired you recently!

  • How have these events/people/experiences changed YOU?

  • Hang your writing somewhere you can see it everyday (fridge, mirror, etc.).

  • Each time you reread your inspirations, remind yourself to be brave in opening your heart to passion!

Remember, your purpose already lies within. Be fearless enough to discover it.


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