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New Year? No Problem!

Happy Holidays, Fearless Fam! I could not be more excited to be BACK on this platform to share all things #livefearless with you!

It's safe to say that 2020 has been more than most of us bargained for and moving into a new year, with a hopeful, fresh start has never felt more appealing-but who said we have to wait until 2021 to start acting on our new year's resolutions?

Studies have shown that 25% of individuals who begin acting on new year's resolutions on January 1st are more likely to give up by the second week of the year! Now I know what you're thinking, "WHY does this happen? WHY do we start something without finishing our commitment?" The answer? Intimidation.

Fresh starts are intimidating. There is no way around that. Admitting that you might not be the expert on a new topic or hobby can serve as a deterrent to even begin! New year's resolutions are especially notorious for this type of intimidation because of the pressure that surrounds ringing in a new year! This is where #LiveFearless can come into play! By committing to a new goal, and by default, committing to becoming a beginner, YOU are living fearlessly! BUT, how do you consistently stay in that mindset?

Get Specific!

In many cases, giving up on a resolution occurs when you are not specific with yourself and others on what you would like to achieve! For example, many Americans make the resolution in the new year to lose weight without adding any specific addendums to this already broad statement. As a result, this goal seems intimidating and unattainable, resulting in an abandonment of commitment. So how do you change this? Get Specific! Instead of saying your goal is to lose weight, specify what process will you commit to in order to do so successfully? What lifestyle changes can you make to improve your overall health? What research can you conduct to be an expert on all things health/fitness/wellness?

By intentionally stating a specific goal, you have already made a huge step in honoring your commitment. Staying on track with your resolution is more manageable when you have the ability to take control of the individual processes that make up your larger, broader goal! Regardless of what you are working towards, take small steps to get there. I promise you will find that commitment more enjoyable and less intimidating!

Start Early + Stay Focused!

Remember when I said there are 2 weeks left in 2020? Use them. Start your resolution TODAY! The advent of a new lifestyle holds so much more pressure, and by default, intimidation when you begin on January 1st!

Starting on your new (specific) goal today gives you the freedom to be ahead of the curve before everyone else begins on the first day of 2021! Besides, going out with a bang is just the motivation you need to finish this crazy year with a positive mindset! Once you begin, stay fearless in your intentional focus. Don't give up-even when your resolution seems difficult!

So what's the takeaway?

New Year's resolutions can be intimidating, but they don't have to be! Today, I am challenging you to begin your journey to a successful 2021. Set a specific goal. Make a plan. Do your research. Most importantly, begin.

Together, let's leave 2020 feeling positive, capable, strong, and FEARLESS! I can't wait to cheer you all on today and into the new year!


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