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Quarantine Queen

Hey There, Quarantine Queen!

Are you tired of Social Distancing? Do you wish the COVID-19 Pandemic would end? Have you binged one too many seasons of 'The Office' on Netflix? You are not alone, my friend!

In the last several weeks, our world has been completely shaken by the notorious Corona Virus. Businesses are closing, toilet paper is scarce, and universities are conducting class online. During the first week of Quarantine, I won't lie, I was miserable. I had made plans to spend Spring Break in New York City, taking classes from Musical Theatre legends at Pearl Studios. Instead, I took up a temporary residence in bed and modeled a wardrobe made up entirely of pajama pants & messy buns. It wasn't until I read the quote, "I want to see what happens when I don't give up, (@thefemalehustlers)," that I snapped out of my Corona-cation mindset and back into a routine guided by intention!

Here's the thing about change: IT. IS. SCARY. This new chapter of life holds so many unknowns not only for ourselves personally, but for the entire WORLD. There is no expiration date in sight for social distancing. BUT, there is no expiration date on self growth either. We can't give up. This being said, I have created a recipe for finding "Courage in Quarantine," a list of tips & tricks to ensure productivity and growth in this season of life!

Self -Talk

You've heard it before, "Comparison is the biggest thief of joy." It's true. On a regular day (without social distancing), Americans spend more than 2 hours per day on social media. During quarantine, this number nearly triples in duration. This not only means more screen time, but also a greater risk of comparing ourselves to instagram models, friends, and colleagues. It is important to become aware of how we view social media. Yes, it is a great resource for connection and community, but, its effects can also become harmful if overused.

Try This: Take 5 minutes, 2x a day, to COMPLIMENT YOURSELF. Think back on a time when you were selfless or kind. Reflect on your strong work ethic or that skill you have been working hard to master. If we can learn to speak positively to ourselves, we will be less likely to compare ourselves to others, even if our screen time increases!

Get Active

Experiencing anxiety or feeling blue?! Never fear, exercise is here!! During my COVID-19-apocalyptic like grieving period, I felt lost due to my lack of exercise. If you know me, you know how much of a fitness junkie I am. I love to get active and stay healthy so that I can perform to the best of my ability as Miss Plano and a full time Music Theatre student! With the closure of most gyms nationwide, I felt a big piece of my physical and emotional being shatter. I quickly learned, I had to be creative with home workouts and YOU can too!

Try This: 30 minutes of aerobic exercise a day (walking the dog, riding your bike, taking a run) will drastically improve your mood and productivity. PRO TIP: find an accountability buddy to text or FaceTime before every workout to stay on track! I promise you will be feeling fit and fearless in no time!

Queen in the Kitchen

You are what you eat! Now, more than ever, it is tempting to succumb to those junk food cravings! With most restaurants closing their dining room services, drive through/delivery advertisements are becoming the norm during commercial breaks. Don't let this tempt you. There has never been a better time to take ownership of your diet and try new healthy recipes!

Try This: Worried about supporting small businesses?! Designate 1 meal a week as a "cheat meal" and treat yourself! As long as you're fueling your body on a consistent basis, everything in moderation is OK! PRO TIP: This is a great chance to try a new local, healthy restaurant too. Set Goals Remember when I said, there is "no expiration on self growth?" I meant it! Finding the courage to constantly crave change is challenging, especially when you're advised to stay home! However, this doesn't mean that our work ethic has to come to a complete halt! Setting goals for yourself is one of, if not the most, important steps in becoming the person YOU want to become! Take this opportunity to truly focus on what it is you desire. Set a road map for yourself. Work to make these dreams a reality. Try This: Everyday, write down 3 goals for yourself. They can be as big or as small as you wish, just make sure you're working towards them! At the end of each day, write down 1 way you worked towards/achieved that goal and 1 way you could improve productivity for the following day! This system will keep you motivated and on track to achieve your dreams! Routines Rule! This is the final, most integral, piece of the recipe for a "Courageous Quarantine!" Setting a schedule for yourself each day will create a sense of normalcy in this abnormal season. Set your alarm and sketch a plan for your daily life. This agenda, as you probably suspected, will look different than your day-to-day routine. Don't worry! We can still create our own personal constants in times of change! Try This: Schedule times for workouts, meal prep, productivity and RELAXATION! I know I have talked a lot in this post about the importance of discipline, but this can only come to fruition if we are healthy and well rested! PRO TIP: Start Small. Tomorrow, set your alarm and take an early walk around the neighborhood. Don't overwhelm yourself with a tight calendar if you're not used to keeping a busy schedule! As time goes on, you can build upon the expectations you set for yourself! If you've made it this far, give yourself a HIGH FIVE! You now know the recipe for a Courageous Quarantine!! Congratulations! Remember, while each of these tips/tricks are beneficial to me, they may take a different form in your life. That is OK! I would love to hear how you're being fearless in this uncertain journey. Send me a DM on the gram @missplanotx or leave a comment in the Contact section and I will repost!! Happy Quarantine-ing! Sincerely, Landry


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